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Saxe & Krake after 6 -7 days training with Jesse (in white shirt). Our two Grandsons, Cory age 10 and Kyle age 6, are riding the two, 30 month old stallions.

Two Flags Gaard 1995
Murrieta, California

"Rollo" took 1st Place in the 1997 Farnam Calendar Contest. He was featured on the COVER & month of JUNE. Bred and raised at Two Flags Gaard, owned by Elaine Olsen. Not just another "pretty face", Rollo has been very successful in riding and driving dressage disciplines

Two pictures circa 1900
Fjord horse "taxis" await  passengers to unload from ships, in two Norwegian Fjords. Of interest, note the various colors of the horses pictured.

Gudvangen, Naerofjorden

Oie, Hjorundfjord