This page is dedicated to those horses, raised by our ancestors from
 Norway. Our Norwegian ancestry, make us proud to raise such fine animals.
The horses shown, are the exceptional breeding stock at Two Flags Gaard

Due to the age, health, and the ability to get good help, the Johnson's have decided to liquidate their herd of fine Norwegian Fjord Horses.

This is "knut"

Knut is a very good stallion; he has sired over thirty foals here at Two Flags Gaard. He is very gentle, calm, and easy to get along with. Anyone can ride or handle Knut; he runs with the mares and foals all the time here at Two Flags Gaard.

Knut's registration number is: N-W-057-S. He is a Dark Brown Dun, foaled June 6,1983. Sire: Ljosen, N-1848. Sire's, Sire: Askov, N-1722. Sire's Dam: Liv, N-13762. Dam: Viktoria, N-Q-124-M & N-14268. Dam's, Sire:Jolstra-Graen, N-1780. Dam's, Dam: Stella, F: 1967

The following photos are posted to show our brood mares.

This is "Ranja"

As you can see, Ranja is one of our very best Fjord Horse Mares. She is
only sixteen years old and had her nineth foal in 1999. Pictured with Odin, her
last foal.

RANJA, JS-Z880-M. Foaled May, 19,1986, Brown Dun. Sire: Leif, NHR-T-005-S. Dam: Sif, GB-0-039-M. Dam's Sire: King Harald, 101-A. Dam's Dam:
Hedwig, 2005-A. Sire's Sire: Dragtind, N-1781 & N-M-025-S. Sire's Dam: Linda I, N-13717 & N-0-066-M. All of ours mares are by Leif, thus all of the mares are from the line of Dragtind & Linda I.

This is "Solvi II"

Solvi II and Rachel (above) are full sisters. Solvi is a very kind gentle mare. She is the Dam of the gray stallion, "BJORN".

Solvi II, JS-Z-882-M. Brown Dun. Foaled, May 5,1986. Sire: Leif, NHR-T-005-S. Dam: Sigunn, GB-0-038-M. Dam's Sire: Gejstarson, 102-A. Dam's Dam:Narka, 2206-A.


At foaling time, Jack & "Gipsy" ( his boxer dog ) are the attending "mid-wives" for all the mares foaling, having "no problems" whatsoever with these mares. GIPSY is "helping" Camilla with her week old foal.